Spokane Pediatrician

Spokane Pediatrician

A Spokane pediatrician must know how to treat a lot of different illnesses and disorders. A pediatrician will care for a child from birth until they go to college. This means that they are treating patients with the span of at least 18 years. This is a more challenging field than your typical medical doctors. You would not handle a newborn or expect the same things from them as you would a senior in high school.

Newborn Care

Our pediatrician here at Northwest Spokane Pediatrics begins treating a child as a newborn. New parents are excited and nervous at the same time. The pediatrician’s job is to monitor the baby’s development and growth. He may need to advise the parents on the proper way to feed and care for the infant. Newborns have challenges that are different than the other age levels. Not addressing any one of these developmental areas can be troublesome to the child and parents for years to come. One of the significant challenges in feeding a newborn is called reflux. Most of the time reflex can be helped by burping the baby thoroughly. But there are times when it can cause a problem with the baby growing, breathing, and being in constant pain. It is during these times that the pediatrician needs to help with medication.

Care of the School-Age Child

As the child approaches school age, they will need immunizations and to be watched for growth patterns. Asthma can affect a child grows and behave. If a child is having problems breathing, they may have asthma. With asthma, the bronchioles in the lungs constrict and will not let air pass through. Asthma can cause wheezing, coughing and other issues. The child may need a particular medicine called a bronchodilator to open up the bronchioles and allow air through.

Some children suffer from behavioral disorders. Several different disorders fall into this category. Anyone of them can be affected by developmental delays. These are extremely hard for the doctor to pinpoint because a child is not able to tell the parents or doctor how they are feeling. Children can suffer from disorders such as anxiety bipolar and depression for several years without a diagnosis. Unless an adult recognizes the symptoms and brings it up to the doctor, the doctor has no way of knowing or suspecting these disorders.

Our Spokane pediatrician is experienced in recognizing and dealing with behavior disorders in children. A mental health issue accompanies many of these disorders. One of these issues is ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With this disorder, the child cannot pay attention for long and may try risky or dangerous behaviors. When treated for this early, the child will be able to keep up with his peers. The Spokane pediatrician can administer an ADHD behavior assessment to diagnose ADHD accurately. We know that not every child that acts out does not have ADHD.

Care of the Adolescent

Another specialty that the Spokane pediatrician has is adolescent medicine. This is the field of Medicine that treats teenagers. At this age, the child is going through puberty, and their hormones are changing rapidly. Their school life is changing, and many start participating in Competitive Sports. We have seen many of our patients since they were young and this makes it easier to be able to have discussions with them preparing them for adulthood. We treat both their emotional health and their physical health to help them overcome this trying time in their life.

Spokane Pediatrician

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