Fort Myers Interventional Pain Management

Fort Myers Interventional Pain Management

Choice Medical Centers: The Fort Myers Interventional Pain Management Specialist

Pain management is divided into two categories: interventional and integrative. Integrative pain care involves acupuncture, exercise, yoga, progressive relaxation, and the likes. While these methods can help, these are not backed by notable clinical results.

Interventional pain management is a style of treatment intended for chronic and severe pain. This is a proven method in regulating pain and involves the use of the minimally invasive method. It is effective because it involves locating the source of the pain in able to deal with it correctly.

Choice Medical Center employs pain management specialists who are adept in interventional pain medicine. Joshua Henry, MD is our Fort Myers Interventional Pain Management professional. Dr. Henry performs the following procedures in our center:

Fluoroscopically Guided Spinal Intervention

Fluoroscopy is a kind of imaging technique that involves the use of an x-ray and fluorescent screen to see the internal parts of a body real-time. With the help of the images obtained using the X-ray, the specialist will guide the needle all the way to the proper area of the spine.

This technique has been very helpful in orthopedic surgery and other situations, such as in the study of blood flow and angiography of the heart and cerebral vessels. Using the obtained images, it will be easier to place the medication directly into the spine’s facet joints.

Ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal injections

This is quite similar to fluoroscopy because it needs image guidance in order to be successful. The only difference is it does not use radiograph technology, unlike fluoroscopy. Instead, it uses an ultrasound that prevents the patient from being exposed to radiation.

In musculoskeletal medicine, there are various types of injections commonly given to patients to treat problems in the joints, hips, shoulder, ankle, and elbow. The use of ultrasound has been very beneficial, with a number of studies suggesting that it improved the accuracy in injection and decreased the pain associated with it.

Radiofrequency ablation procedures

With radiofrequency ablation, the doctor needs to heat up a certain part of the nerve tissue. This is done using a radio wave that produces electrical current. The aim of this procedure is to lessen any pain experienced by the patient.

People who are suffering from recurrent pain are recommended to undergo radiofrequency ablation. It is also suitable for patients who had a good experience being injected nerve block medications. This is ideal for treating arthritis particularly pain in the back, neck, and joint.

Experience Pain Management at Choice Medical Centers

Our Fort Myers interventional pain management specialist is a member of the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians as well as the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr. Henry is also specializing in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine aside from managing pain using the interventional approach.

For queries and concerns, you may send us a message using the contact form in our website. You may also call us at (239) 489-2290 for scheduling an appointment. We are open on weekdays and on-call on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fort Myers Interventional Pain Management

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