alcohol treatment center Arizona

alcohol treatment center Arizona

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) is an intensive level of care in addiction treatment. The program allows you to stay at home while commuting to rehab. PHP provide comprehensive treatment for substance use as well as mental health disorders. A partial hospitalization program setting is less structured than an inpatient rehab and allows you to transition smoothly into your community. Transitioning comes with an increased risk of relapse. However, partial hospitalization programs offer a higher level of support that considerably minimizes the possibility of relapse.

At Wolf Creek Recovery, our partial hospitalization program takes place in a serene setting that will help you focus on attaining sobriety. As a top alcohol treatment center in Arizona, our aim is to ensure you live a life free from alcohol addiction and the destructive behaviors that cause you to drink. We understand that recovery not a one time thing, but rather a lifelong journey, and we’d love to aid you in remaining committed to the process.

Characteristics of a Partial Hospitalization Program

There are three main aspects of a PHP:

Individual Therapy

This comprises one-on-one sessions with a therapist and counselor to uncover the root cause of your addiction and triggers that lead to drinking. These private therapy sessions enable you and the counselor to come up with a personalized treatment plan specific to your unique recovery needs.

Group Therapy

Here, you’ll participate in group therapy sessions with peers and a therapist. You’ll be encouraged to take part in discussions with others about coping skills, experiences, feelings, and goals. Group therapy allows you to connect with individuals with substance use disorders and find the support and motivation to abstain from drinking and maintain sobriety.

Family Therapy

This is a crucial aspect of recovery that ensures you have a strong support system even after completing treatment. When it comes to family therapy, you’ll attend private therapy sessions together with your loved ones.

PHP Candidates

If you need intensive care but can avoid drinking while at home, you should consider PHP. Additionally, partial hospitalization is a good fit for people who’ve just completed an inpatient program but are still at risk of relapse.

PHP can be also be recommended for individuals who:

  • Have a dual diagnosis. For instance, depression or PTSD, in addition to alcohol addiction
  • Aren’t benefiting much from an outpatient program
  • Find it hard to motivate themselves to continue with their sobriety journey

There are different ways to join a PHP. You can enroll directly or enter the program after completing residential rehab. This is called to as a step up. In some cases, people with a substance use disorder are admitted into a PHP if they’ve relapsed or are at an elevated risk of relapsing due to a major life event.

Looking for Addiction Treatment?

At Wolf Creek Recovery, our goal is to help you live a life free from the chains of alcohol addiction. To achieve this, we not only treat your substance use disorder but also address the underlying psychological, social, and emotional issues fueling your addiction. As a leading alcohol treatment center in Arizona, our multidisciplinary team offers compassionate care in our partial hospitalization program. If you’re ready to take your first recovery step, call us today: (833) 732 8202.

alcohol treatment center Arizona

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