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Genetics, injuries, and diseases all contribute to pain disorders that are capable of derailing your life. Fortunately, a top pain specialist can diagnose and uncover the underlying cause of your pain before creating the ideal treatment plan. At OrthoSpine Institute, we’re a premier Fort Myers pain management clinic that utilizes top-of-the-line diagnostic techniques and technologies to determine the source of your pain and devise the best treatment for pain relief.

When to See A Pain Management Specialist

You know it’s time to see a pain management specialist if:

  • Pain is Affecting the Quality of Your Life

Pain can impact the quality of your life negatively. If you find yourself not having a restful night, unable to complete everyday tasks, or canceling plans due to the pain you’re experiencing, it’s time to seek treatment from a pain specialist. You deserve to live a normal life, and a specialist can help you do that.

  • The Pain is Spreading

If your pain is moving or spreading to other parts of the body, it could mean the problem is worsening. Such feelings can be a sign you require pain treatment.

  • Pain is Interfering with Your Relationships

Studies show that chronic pain can negatively impact relationships. The fact is, it’s difficult to be the best version of yourself when you are in pain. If you’re worried that pain is straining your relationships, whether, with your partner, kids, parents, or colleagues, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment with a treatment specialist.

  • You Have Trouble Moving

Are you having a hard time moving any part of your body due to pain? Perhaps your pain is triggered anytime you move? This can be a result of different issues, including injury. While minor pains will mostly go away on their own, experiencing pain even though you’ve already healed may be an indication of a serious problem.

Even when the source of the pain isn’t an injury, it’s still crucial to go to a pain specialist to address the underlying issue, which can be bursitis or arthritis.

  • The Pain Has Decreased but Not Completely Disappeared

Most people aren’t satisfied with just settling with bearable pain. If medication has helped decrease the level of pain but hasn’t managed to make it go away completely, you should consider seeking out a pain specialist.

  • You’re Over Medicating

It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking prescription or over-the-counter meds; you’ll know if you are overmedicating to minimize your pain. Too much medication can lead to other health problems. In addition, you will become tolerant to the effects of the drugs at some point, making them ineffective. You can benefit from visiting a pain management specialist.

Highly Individualized, Effective Treatment Plans for Pain Relief

No patient is the same. As such, we develop comprehensive, highly individualized treatment plans that work perfectly for each patient. When you come to our Fort Myers pain management clinic, we’ll accurately diagnose your pain disorder. This will enable us to create the finest treatment plan based on your medical history, particular disorder, lifestyle, and symptoms. To find a solution for your pain and get your life back on track, please schedule your appointment today: 239-299-9000.

Fort Myers Pain Management Clinic

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