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Athletes who play high-performance sports always have a high risk of sports injuries. If you want to maintain a balance between the practice of high-performance sports and good health, is necessary constant balance and prevention. In this way, risks that produce incapacitating injuries for the training are avoided, such as muscle damage, ligament damage, meniscus, fractures or severe sprains, among others.

During the training process, it is necessary to carry out an individualized preventive program for the physical and biomechanical aspects of each athlete, including projections of possible risks and injuries based on the history, and the physical condition of each athlete. Also, a therapy program should be established, such as hydromassage or physiotherapy (among others), to support the athlete and minimize the chances of injury.

What to Do if the Injury Occurs

If the injury occurs, a medical-professional rehabilitation strategy must be developed which includes the clinical phase through the application of Sports Medicine, and the non-clinical aspects that include Physical-Sports Retraining and Functional Recovery, to achieve a readaptation of the patient to their level of performance.

It is essential to avoid experimental techniques (usually based on trial and error) because this approach can delay the return of the athletes to high competition, or remove them from their high performance completely. Therapists must always keep in mind that for many high-performance athletes, the sport not only represents their passion but their livelihood. If you need any sports injury rehab in Naples FL, allow our specialized team at Ortho Spine Institute to help you complete and speedily recover.

Phases of the Rehabilitation Process


Once the injury has occurred, the Sports Medicine team must evaluate and diagnose it. These specialists together with a group of Sports Physiotherapists will develop a strategy of therapies. The specialists must respect the biological processes of healing, or muscle recovery depending on the case, to avoid a relapse.

Depending on the type of injury a period of rest may be necessary. This rest may or may not be accompanied by immobilization of the area, or the application of passive therapies such as hydromassage, for example. After the rest, the therapists apply a series of treatments aimed at returning lost functionality to the affected areas.

This period ends when the patient can develop aspects of their daily life with relative ease, such as climbing stairs, to walk, stretching. When this happens, the athlete gets the medical exit.


The specific objective of this stage is to help the athlete to perform again sports activities that involve the damaged body structures (swimming, running, jumping, throwing) with a comparable level of demand with another athlete of the same discipline, that is not injured.


In this last stage of recovery, the goal is for the athlete to achieve the technical elements of sport with an excellent level of skill. If the athlete sport is in teams, in addition to the personal training, the patient should perform teamwork routines, so that the athlete can rejoin in an excellent physical, emotional and social level.

Finally, a completely healthy and recovered individual will be achieved, performing the discipline at a high level. If you have suffered an injury, and require a sports injury rehab in Naples FL, allow the group of experts in Sports Medicine at Ortho Spine Institute assist you. We can attend from specialized surgeries to the appropriate sports physiotherapies to return you to your highest level. Contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

sports injury rehab Naples FL

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