Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Many people feel they have the power to address their addiction to alcohol without professional intervention. However, quitting cold turkey may be dangerous, so you need to know all of the details about what it does to the body and mind. Entering alcohol rehab in Orange County is the only way to get safe, effective treatment for most people with a drinking problem.

Getting Started

Once you have admitted to a drinking problem and need help, this is the perfect first step. You then have to decide the best way to quit drinking and stay on a sober path. For many addicts, seeking co-occurring disorder treatment is an intelligent choice. Rather than quitting cold turkey, you can get the dual diagnosis addiction treatment to address the underlying cause of your drinking problem.

Did you know that quitting cold turkey rarely works? You will have a much better chance of staying on a sober path when you have professional intervention at an alcohol rehab Orange County facility.

About Going Cold Turkey

Some people think going cold turkey to stop drinking will not be that hard. While it may sound easy, you probably already know how challenging it is to be an alcoholic. The human body will develop a craving for alcohol that can be extremely difficult to overcome. When you bring up the simple fact that mental health and substance use go hand-in-hand, you have a lot working against you. By attempting to quit cold turkey, you are not giving your body and mind the time necessary to adjust to a lack of alcohol in the system.

Know The Challenges Of Cold Turkey

You have support and guidance from trained professionals at co-occurring addiction treatment centers. Going cold turkey means not having that support and often falling back into unwanted patterns. Many people that become addicts do so because they are unaware of the best way to handle stress healthily. By dealing with substance use and co-occurring mental disorders with a treatment center, you have a solid foundation to enhance your chance of success.

If you have been an alcoholic for some time, the chances are good you will be highly uncomfortable going cold turkey. Additionally, you run the risk of dangerous withdrawals that may include tremors, seizures, and stroke.

Treatment Is A Better Option

Guidance at a drug and alcohol treatment center will set you up for success in your journey to quit drinking. Whether you have tried to quit cold turkey or have been thinking about it, know that we are here at Northbound to ensure you have a safe, efficient transition into a sober lifestyle.

Studies have shown that quitting cold turkey rarely works, whereas treatment does for alcohol cessation. If you are interested in entering into trusted alcohol rehab in Orange County, we are here to help at Northbound. Get in touch with us at (866) 311-0003, and our team will be happy to go over any questions or concerns you have. Verify your insurance for treatment today.

Alcohol Rehab Orange County

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