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Orthopedic Specialists in Fort Myers: When to See One?

Orthopedics is defined as a branch of medicine that deals with the reconstruction of damages of bones or muscles. Injuries to the bones and other parts of the musculoskeletal system are not so uncommon. There are millions of cases of musculoskeletal injuries being recorded per year. If you are looking for orthopedic specialists in Fort Myers, you can find doctors with specific specializations at Choice Medical Centers.

What Does An Orthopedic Doctor Do?

An orthopedic doctor treats a wide range of disorders concerning the bones and muscles, ranging from fractures to knee arthritis. Our doctors have different specializations to help you with any of your orthopedic needs.

Dr. Steven Svabek, one of our orthopedic surgeons, treats general orthopedic issues. He is particularly involved in treating disorders of the spine. Aside from his skills in evaluating and treating orthopedic conditions, he also performs spinal fusion as well as decompressions of the spine and nerve roots.

Majority of musculoskeletal injuries are fractures, dislocations, and sprains. For outpatient orthopedics, pain management, and back pain evaluation, we have Dr. Naveed Shafi. He is also practicing occupational and traumatic injury rehabilitation.

Some athletes are injury-prone due to micro-tear that became larger after repeated action. Dr. Frank Segreto, one of our orthopedic surgeons, was a team physician for a number of high school sports teams in New York.

Our licensed orthopedic surgeons work alongside our certified physician assistant, Dr. Charles Strader. He has more than 26 years of experience as a physician assistant, with the last 15 years focused on orthopedics.

When to Seek the Help of an Orthopedic Specialist?

People sometimes ignore the pain in their muscles, joints, and bones. There are instances when taking medicines can relieve the pain. However, a visit to the doctor is necessary if the pain is already affecting one’s usual activities and if it resulted to chronic pain.

Chronic pain should not be ignored because it does not go away on its own, unlike acute pain. It is also associated to different types of illnesses, including osteoarthritis, cancer, and stomach ulcers. It is a kind of pain that lasts for three months and even more.

In elderlies, arthritis is the leading type of chronic condition. An orthopedic specialist treats arthritis in the hip, knee, and elbow. The doctor should evaluate any pain that is progressing.

It is a must to see an orthopaedic surgeon if a person suffers from soft tissue injury. If there is no sign of improvement in a span of 48 hours, a specialist needs to check the injured area to prevent further damage of within the joint and to reduce bleeding.

Why Choice Medical Centers?

Our orthopedic specialists are board certified and have years of experience in their specializations. Our centers both in Fort Myers and in Naples received accreditation in Ambulatory Health Care from the Joint Commission. If you are searching for orthopedic specialists in Fort Myers, you may visit our medical office at College Pkwy. You may send us a message through the contact form in our website.

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