Treatment Places In Prescott Az

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Treatment Places In Prescott Az

The decision to seek professional help for drug and alcohol addiction can be a life-changing experience. An effective treatment program at Arizona drug rehab is equipped to handle the initial detox program, diagnose and treat any co-occurring conditions, and help the patient into a drug-free life.

Choosing a treatment center for yourself or a loved one can be challenging. Multiple treatment methods for substance abuse exist out there, and different types of therapy can fit a patient’s background.

Here is a list to consider when choosing treatment centers in Arizona or nearby alcohol rehabs in Prescott AZ 

Accreditation, certification, and licensing

The Commission on Accreditations of Rehabilitation Facility or The Joint Commission accredits reputable rebab centers. These two nonprofit organizations award accreditation based on industry performance standards, quality, and value and demonstrated results.  

Certification ensures that only a legitimate quality treatment center advertises its services on the Internet. Therefore, it provides some protection for the consumers. In addition, the facility should be licensed by the state.

Qualified clinical staff

All staff providing drug rehabilitation programs to consumers should be licensed and have credentials to adhere to national standards for professional practice. Failure to produce these documents when required means they are not qualified, and neither do they have the experience to offer effective care.

Evidence-based practices                                                                                                                   

A good Prescott Arizona drug and alcohol rehab should rely on evidence-based practices with the backing of science-based research. These include cognitive behavior therapy, 12 step group, and medication-assisted therapies.

Dual diagnosis

Many addicts also have co-occurring mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, an actual dual diagnosis is needed to give the patients the proper treatment. Patients with dual diagnoses should receive care for addiction and the co-occurring condition at the same time. 

Medical detox

A good rehab center should provide a medically assisted detox program onsite to allow patients to begin the recovery process simultaneously. In addition, the detox unit should have both nurses and doctors with expertise to handle withdrawal symptoms.

Special programs

Having a gender and age-appropriate program is a plus. However, an excellent rehab center should have separate programs to address the difference in various categories of patients than having a one-size-fits-all program. Care should be personalized and provide targeted treatment for teens, gender-specific programs, or treatment for young adults and other special groups.

Family therapy

Families, too, need the healing process to recover from addiction. These therapies help them to set healthy boundaries, build trust and learn how to cope with the chaos they have experienced. In addition, involving the family in the treatment process helps the patient in the long-term recovery process.

Aftercare service

Having a support system after the treatment process is critical in preventing relapse. A good rehab center will offer various aftercare support options, including continuing care groups, apps for building and strengthening recovery, phone-based coaching, and other support.

Rehab treatment should not be one-size-fits-all. Instead, do thorough research to find the best rehab centers in Arizona.

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Treatment Places In Prescott Az