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Regardless of your age or background, most everyone has occasional issues getting a full night of sleep. However, when you run into a continuous stretch where you do not get quality sleep, it is time to talk to a sleep study doctor in Schaumburg, IL. Lack of sleep at night can start to impact other aspects of your life, such as your ability to think, learn, or notice fine details. When it goes on for too long, you also run the risk of injury, health concerns, or danger while operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

Over time, there have been numerous studies performed showing that sleep is also essential if you want to be sure that your body has the ability to fight sickness and disease via a healthy immune system. To function normally on a mental and physical level, you need to get enough sleep at night. This is where Schaumburg, IL, sleep specialist doctors can help. 

How Much Sleep Do I Need? 

When working with sleep specialists in Schaumburg, you will learn that the sleep each person requires at night relies on several factors. For example, infants will require 16 hours of sleep each day while full-grown adults may only need as few as five hours or as much as 10 hours of sleep to function safely and properly. 

What Is A Sleep Study? 

During a sleep study, this is a non-invasive and painless test that your sleep study doctor in Schaumburg, IL, administers. The goal is to measure the manner in which your body functions while sleeping to help diagnose and treat any underlying sleep disorder. 

Will I Be Comfortable During The Sleep Study? 

Your Schaumburg, IL, sleep study doctor will do everything possible to ensure that you are comfortable during the time you are there. This is a pain-free study where most participants will rest comfortably throughout. 

What Do I Bring To My Sleep Study? 

When you visit neurology and sleep clinics in Chicago, IL, for a sleep study, you can feel free to bring whatever you need to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Your room will have a bed, blankets, and pillows unless you would like to bring your own. 

What If I Am Unable To Sleep During The Study?

It is normal to have apprehension when coming in for a sleep study. Your sleep study doctor in Schaumburg, IL, will help ease any worry. You are always encouraged to bring anything you need to add to your comfort level, including a book to help you sleep or your favorite cozy pajamas. 

Once you start to have concerns about your lack of sleep each night, it is time to find a sleep doctor in Schaumburg to give you some answers. Here at Horizon Medical Center, we pride ourselves on helping patients to have all of the insight and tools that they need to sleep restfully at night to wake up refreshed and ready to take on each day. To set up a time for your sleep study or to ask any questions you may have, please give us a call at (847) 490-0600.

Sleep Study Doctor Schaumburg IL