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Scottsdale Recovery Center is one of the fully-equipped residential treatment centers in AZ. We use the latest advancements in addiction treatment to help our patients overcome addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Causes of relapse

Relapse is a common occurrence in recovering addicts that are recently out of rehab. Over half of recovering addicts suffer from a temporary moment of weakness and resort to using drugs or consuming alcohol again. Knowing the common causes of relapse can help you to be cautious about relapse. Some of the causes are:

  • Lack of commitment to sobriety
  • Not attending 12-step meetings, NA or AA support group meetings
  • Lack of a proper support system like family and good friends
  • Lack of spiritual guidance or no affiliation to religion or a community with religious beliefs
  • Lack of determination and a genuine interest to quit drugs

Creating a relapse prevention plan can help you lead a more safe and healthy life. We are one of the few residential treatment centers in AZ to help our recovering addicts transition back to their routine life.

What do I do if I relapse?

Once you relapse, the first decision to make is if whether you need to go back to rehab. If you are determined to examine your mistake and make necessary amendments not to repeat it, you don’t have to redo an inpatient rehab program. However, if you did relapse, then its highly recommended that you attend an effective outpatient rehab program to stay focused on sobriety.

If you find yourself using drugs often, you must join an inpatient rehab program. When recovering addicts return to treatment after relapse, we use therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and biofeedback therapy to teach positive and healthy behavioral changes in them. We also encourage our patients to partake in art, music therapy, and guided meditation to help them relax and build a healthy routine.

We also recommend our recovering addicts that have relapsed to enter a sober living environment. A sober living home is a secure, comfortable environment free from triggers and stress. 

Can an outpatient program help me overcome addiction?

If you suffer from mild to moderate addiction, an outpatient rehab program may help you to manage triggers and overcome addiction. An outpatient program is an inexpensive treatment approach that is more flexible and accessible than an inpatient program.

During an outpatient program, you can live in the comfort of your home amidst the love and support of your family members and loved ones. Another advantage of an outpatient program is that you don’t have to miss school or work during treatment. Outpatient programs take place for hardly 1-2 hours a day for 5-6 days a week.

Maintaining sobriety often becomes a significant concern in patients recently out of rehab. We are one of the few residential treatment centers in AZ to instill effective coping mechanisms in our patients to overcome triggers. Contact Scottsdale Recovery Center for more details on how we coach our patients to combat relapse and lead a healthy life.

Residential Treatment Centers Az

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Residential Treatment Centers Az

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