luxury treatment centers Newport Beach

There are several types of treatment centers to choose from.  Some are nature-themed, while others bundle patients into unappealing rooms and facilities. Then some offer luxury treatment with amenities resembling a high-end hotel. These luxury treatment centers are not reserved for the wealthy or famous; anyone can use them. These facilities offer excellent chances of achieving sobriety with their sophisticated therapies and personalized services.

Luxury rehabs are typically more expensive. However, breaking the cycle of addiction is investing in your future. Therefore, the costs should not be your primary concern because addictive habits can be more expensive in the end. The setting of the rehabilitation center is crucial to the success of the treatment. Many people prefer rehab facilities in serene locations that aid the recovery process.  Our rehab facilities stand out because of the excellent facilities, amenities, and services we offer.

Why Choose Luxury Rehab Treatment?

Luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers immerse you in a relaxed recovery environment. Here you can go through the lows of withdrawal and highs of recovery in great comfort. Patients find the sights and sounds of Newport Beach calming.

Our Newport Beach luxury rehab center has many addiction treatment specialists who monitor patients closely to ensure they achieve sobriety. Close supervision ensures patients get the treatment they need. If you need a service that is not available in-house, our addiction specialists will consider your request and contact relevant service providers, provided it does not distract treatment.

Our facilities have many amenities to enrich your stay and facilitate treatment. Patients get access to private therapy, including massage, fitness, and swimming. We also provide animal-assisted therapy to specific patients. Patients may even get access to a penthouse, a personal doctor, chef, masseuse, and butler.

Our rehab center has invested in the latest addiction treatments, including medicinal and cognitive therapies. In addition, the treatment options are customized depending on patients’ addiction level, personalities, and treatment response.

We do not dictate how long a patient has to stay with us, but we give our professional recommendation after the initial assessment. We provide regular feedback to the patient on their recovery and get consent before initiating any new interventions.

Our treatments are thorough, equipping you with life skills that will be an aid in maintaining sobriety. We also do follow-ups to help you prevent relapse.

Our Newport Beach luxury rehab center maintains high levels of patient confidentiality. All our employees sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure patient privacy.

Our center maintains high professional standards with all our employees receiving routine training on how to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We have inpatient and outpatient services and often recommend the best option for patients depending on their needs. In addition, we maintain the recommended patient to specialist ratio and provide customized treatment. As the best luxury rehab in Newport Beach, we do everything we can to help our patients recover and achieve long-term sobriety.

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luxury treatment centers Newport Beach

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luxury treatment centers Newport Beach

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