Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center

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Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center

With an experienced team of Christian mentors and therapists, Boulder Recovery is the #1 intimacy disorder treatment center with thousands of positive reviews. Set in a scenic location surrounded by majestic mountains and green terrains, our rehab offers the perfect ambiance for self-introspection, healing, and recovery.

What is an intimacy disorder?

An intimacy disorder refers to facing problems in developing, maintaining, and expressing intimacy. Compulsive sexual behavior and addiction to pornography are among the many types of intimacy disorders. 

In some cases, the fear of intimacy develops into a mental health issue and causes individuals to sabotage their relationships. Some men with intimacy disorder tend to be abusive to their partners in a relationship as a means to push them away. This issue can take a toll on one’s quality of life and prevent individuals from developing meaningful bonds. It also puts you at a consistently higher risk for developing mental health issues like depression, self-harm, and substance abuse. We are a leading rehab for pornography and Christians with highly effective treatments for intimacy disorder.

Importance of connecting with God for intimacy issues

Faith-based rehabs believe that the key to overcoming sex addiction or intimacy disorders is through spiritual transformation. The Creator alone can provide you with the strength, support, and clarity required to work through your obstacles and attain comprehensive and sustainable recovery.

Anyone can overcome their behavioral and mental health issues by signing up for a proper treatment program and dedicating themselves to a healthy and Christian lifestyle. Our rehab offers help for porn-addicted Christians using a combination of psychotherapies and spiritual teachings. We have the best team of mental health professionals, Christian mentors, priests, and ministers, offering unsurpassed porn addiction treatment in Boulder. 

Tips to cope with an intimacy disorder 

One of the best ways to conquer your fear of intimacy is to seek help from a professional Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapist for men. For lasting change, you must prepare to manage your intimacy disorder by:

  1. Accepting uncertainty

Get over your fears of the consequences of a relationship. It is critical to realize that there are no guarantees in life, and any connection you have or build with another person will always be a gamble. Nonetheless, you should embrace the fact that social relationships are an inevitable part of human existence.

  1. Work on developing courage

Practice courage and focus on living one day at a time. Do not overthink about the outcomes of a relationship but go with the flow.

  1. Express self-compassion

Learn to be comfortable with yourself before battling the fear of intimacy. Realizing your value and worth as a person can prepare you better for rejections and may not seem as crushing and devastating. Besides, setting boundaries can avoid engulfment and help you cope with abandonment in a much mature and rational manner as and when it happens.

Get in touch with us at 720-902-9919 to begin a liberating journey towards improved mental, emotional, and sexual wellness. Boulder Recovery is a leading intimacy disorder treatment center with world-class amenities and excellent treatment programs. 

Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center

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Intimacy Disorder Treatment Center

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