Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

As an addiction victim, you need to come to our inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers today! Scottsdale Recovery Center welcomes you to address your addiction condition and co-occurring disorders in a peaceful, secure, and conducive recovery environment.

What is dual diagnosis and how do you treat it?

Dual diagnosis refers to mental health problems coexisting with an addiction condition. These issues often occur as a result of addiction victims attempting to self-treat their addictions. Self-medication will always come with immense health risks along the way, one of which is the emergence of co-occurring mental health disorders.

In other cases, addiction itself is a result of patients self-treating mental problems like anxiety, PTSD, emotional traumas, depression, etc. People begin abusing drugs or alcohol in an attempt to find temporary relief from their conditions. Their problems begin with ignoring the consequences of prolonged substance abuse.

The only way to treat co-occurring disorders is in a specialized facility, where qualified experts will guide and supervise the entire process. Our luxury drug rehab center offers comprehensive recovery services, helping patients cope with their conditions with minimum of discomfort.

How our dual diagnosis treatment will help you

The dual diagnosis treatment will begin as soon as you join the inpatient treatment. The treatment consists of pharmacotherapy, counseling, individual and group therapy, and specific recreational activities and holistic modalities. The treatment’s specific will usually vary depending on your disorder’s profile. Our clinicians will assess your condition upon arriving at our center and determine the ideal course of action to ensure the best treatment outcome.

The dual diagnosis treatment will help you:

  • Control your negative emotions, behaviors, and impulses
  • Achieve a more balanced and optimistic state of mind
  • Identify and address early signs of relapse
  • Learn how to cope with your chronic conditions in the long run
  • Meet new people and exchange life values, expectations, hopes, and experiences, etc.

Our dual diagnosis program’s goal is to teach you how to control your disorder in the long run. Relapse prevention is a defining component of the recovery process, allowing you to live a healthy, stable, and clean lifestyle over the years.

How the dual diagnosis treatment will work

Our luxury alcohol rehab includes numerous treatment modalities spread along several phases. These include:

  • Extensive clinical evaluation – Assessing your condition upon arriving at our drug and alcohol treatment centers to determined the ideal treatment approach.
  • Stabilization and recovery planning – Our clinicians will provide comprehensive medication and therapy to every luxury addict to address their symptoms fast.
  • Long-term relapse prevention planning – Devising a long-lasting relapse prevention plan is critical for a healthy, sober, and clean lifestyle.

Our inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers promote results-oriented recovery programs and evidence-based modalities. Our rehab treatment is the ideal choice if you’re dealing with substance addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.

Contact Scottsdale Recovery Center at 602-346-9242, discuss your insurance coverage and treatment options, and come in for clinical evaluation. You can begin the treatment today and find the relief you need and deserve.

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Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

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