Inpatient Drug Rehab Colorado

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Colorado

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a terrible condition that has serious physicals, economic, family, social, and work consequences. Even if you recognize you have a substance problem and want to overcome it, you will hardly be able to do it on your own. It is best to seek help from one of the inpatients best drug and alcohol rehabs.

As you check your options, you will find two different types of treatment to help with your addiction. On the one hand, many inpatients top drug and alcohol rehabs base their treatment on the 12-step approach. Other more innovative centers use non-traditional therapies to make recovery. So, what is the ideal option? You should know the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative, so you can select the greatest inpatient drug rehab in Colorado for you.

Difference between 12-Step and Nontraditional Treatments

12-Step Diagram

Many of the best addiction treatment services in Arizona use this method, developed in 1930 by a group of alcoholics. In it, mutual help is provided between people who suffer from the same condition, in that case, the consumption of drugs or alcohol. These are some of the pros and cons of this modality:


  • It is a method used for almost a century and has effectively helped thousands of substance-dependent people to recover
  • You can select a sponsor, that is, an experienced recovered who will be able to guide you in your recovery
  • It is an effective method for lasting recovery, as long as the person regularly attends meetings in the post-treatment
  • It has a worldwide support network in the groups of Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous


  • The model does not empower the person, being less effective especially for women seeking help
  • Reliance on a higher power. People have no power of their own to change their lives without this new dependence
  • It does not emphasize physical recovery, and this brings about bodily reactions that can incite relapse
  • Social interaction within groups can increase symptoms of mental disorders

Non-Traditional Therapy

Many top-rated rehab centers in the USA use other approaches to achieve recovery, like cognitive, motivational, and facts-based therapies. These methodologies are complemented by other therapeutic activities. In the end, the interns in these top addiction programs in AZ not only get rid of the addiction. They acquire new habits and tools to lead a satisfactory life:


  • A total detoxification process is performed, minimizing body reactions like withdrawal
  • Individual therapies are personalized. They address specific situations and needs of each patient
  • They help the development of new habits, which replace the negative ones. This significantly minimizes the risk of relapse
  • It is the most durable option since it develops the person holistically


  • It can be extended for several months, interrupting the patient’s usual living
  • The imposition of a daily life routine can be uncomfortable for some guests
  • Some insurers consider it a luxury, having to pay a deductible
  • Contact with family and friends is limited

Which Inpatient Drug Rehab in Colorado to Choose?

While the traditional approach is to follow the twelve steps, the innovative alternative therapies offered by premium rehab centers such as Royal Life Centers at Royal Detox offer better results. The customization of individual therapies and the involvement of families in the recovery of the patient make a significant difference. Thus, you will get a lasting rehabilitation, allowing you to live a full and happy life. If you would like the support of Arizona’s best rehabilitation center, contact us.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Colorado

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Colorado

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