Hangover Clinic Miami

Hangover Clinic Miami

A more significant part of our health and wellness is dependent on the balance of our body nutrients, vitamins, and hydration. With Elevate IV hydration in Miami, FL., you can feel better and refreshed in just an hour of visiting our wellness center. Experience rejuvenated energy and better performance, all while benefiting from the body’s unique healing potential.

Regarding claims, vitamin IV treatment enhances healthier skin, removes jetlag, boosts the immune system, and cures hangovers. This therapy continues to gain popularity and solves various health conditions through the infusion of vitamins and minerals into the body system. However, when it comes to hangovers, how effective are IV fluid therapy solutions? 

How Our Vitamin IV Works For Hangover

To better understand how IV drips for hangover works, let’s have a glance at typical hangover symptoms, and they include;

  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Thirst and dry mouth
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

Generally, hangover patients would experience these symptoms for almost 24 hours. However, dehydration remains the most significant hangover issue. Water makes up nearly 80% of the human body, and billions of human body cells can shrink up by giving up all their water supply when the body dehydrates to ensure there’s enough water in the bloodstream. These cells are aware that the blood flow stoppage means that nutrients won’t get delivered, and death becomes inevitable. Therefore, they give up every bit of water they possess for the system survival.    

Also, dehydration causes mouth dryness after excessive drink. And this is because the body has lesser water required for saliva production as the body uses the little water to maintain blood volume. When dehydrated, the kidney is left less effective to filter much liquid or eliminate toxins. It then begins to save water by decreasing urine production. By saving water, it doesn’t give out toxins as waste; instead, they get recycled into the bloodstream.

However, there are three components to recover from a hangover. Firstly, rehydrating the body; remains a vital step in the hangover recovery process. Secondly, detoxifying and removal of toxins buildup as a result of excessive alcohol intake. And lastly, restoring the nutrients lost while drinking is essential.  

For this reason, infusion therapy featuring IV fluids is a fast and effective treatment method to combat and get rid of a hangover in just about an hour.

Some Hangover Clinic in Miami thinks of the banana bag method for treating alcohol intoxication. The banana bag comprises magnesium, thiamine, and other micronutrients, which are extremely low in chronic alcoholics for patients who lack enough nutrition, likewise not useful for patients with the right eating pattern. Although the addition of Myers Cocktail with extra B Complex vitamins and Magnesium to a Hangover Cocktail could improve the effectiveness of the banana bag, it can never be effective as the Vitamin IV therapy. 

At our Hangover Miami Clinic, we provide hangover treatment that rehydrates the body, flushes out toxins, cleanse the system, and restores all lost nutrients during heavy drinking. Our formula includes anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications that provide swift relief to ensure you’re back to normal in a short time.

For more details about reviv in Miami, contact Elevate Miami to learn more about our services: 305-359-5569. 

Hangover Clinic Miami