Gaming Addiction Help

Gaming Addiction Help

Kids, teens, and even adults love to immerse themselves in the virtual world, accept challenges, explore new dimensions and have some fulfilled moments with their friends and family. But can this thrilling hobby of playing video games turn into a total addiction? Yes, it can. The phrase “video game addiction” may sound new to your ears, but this is how gaming is impacting the life of video game lovers.

What Is Video Game Addiction?

Video games have always been on the rise since their inception. The thrill, the adventure, and a sense of control make video gaming fun and relaxing at the same time. But when a person and especially teens become overly indulged in the gaming world, it turns into an addiction. It starts affecting a person’s social life along with causing other health issues.

Why Video Games Are Considered Dangerous?

The generation of today has easy access to video games. From gaming consoles to playing games on smartphones, games have become quite approachable. The question is whether the violent actions and unethical scenarios present in video games are appropriate for gamers, especially children and teens? Although there is limited research on this matter, spending endless hours playing video games can cause aggression and distract users from other aspects of life. This means parents need to step in before things get out of control.

Get Help From Tech Addiction Treatment Center

Is there any way to control gaming addiction? Omega Recovery Center provides the best gaming addiction help to teens and children. Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is a renowned therapist in treating tech and video game addiction. Moreover, he also has professional expertise in helping teens regain control over their gaming habits. About Our Video Gaming Addiction Treatment Program We believe that gaming addiction is due to certain underlying mental health problems causing youngsters to find relief in the gaming world. We aim to provide a comprehensive guide to video game lovers to keep a tab on their gaming hours without letting them roll over their minds.

  • 8-Week Program: We offer an 8-week program aimed at treating gaming addiction along with addressing all the underlying mental health issues. Gamers are often suffering from mental conditions including depression, anxiety, stress, and a sense of feeling lonely which makes them attracted to games even more. This program provides comprehensive treatment for game addiction along with other mental disorders.
  • We Offer Digital Detox: Our recovery center offers digital detox that helps in self-recovery and long-term recovery. To help our clients in recovering from game addiction by connecting them with experts and therapists that help them in identifying the real meaning of life and get engaged in other activities of life.
  • Outdoor Activities: We introduce our clients to a world without video games. When a person is addicted to video games, he/she disengages from outdoor activities, making them physically inactive. We make outdoor sports a part of our therapy to make treatment effective. If you think your children is addicted to video games, we are ready to help you out.

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