Drug Detox California

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Drug Detox California

Drug detox in California means cleansing your body of drugs. It’s an important first step in your sobriety journey. Often, detoxification is so crucial that if you’re struggling with an addiction, you can’t totally recover until you’ve undergone detox. Going for therapy with the drugs and toxins still present in your system won’t do much for your recovery efforts. Rather, it will only intensify your cravings for the drug and increase your chances of relapse.

Once you’re done with detox, you should move to the next level of care that will pave the way for your recovery. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we provide top-of-the-line drug detox in Orange County. We emphasize the importance of detox as essential to the rest of the treatment process. Our fully accredited and licensed facility meets and exceeds all industry standards of care. So, you can be sure you’re in professional hands.

FAQs About Our Drug Detox Services/Facilities

Below are questions commonly asked about our detox program:

How Will I Know I Need Orange County Alcohol Detox?

You can tell if you’re developing an addiction or abusing alcohol by the following:

  • An insatiable desire for alcohol
  • Constantly drinking over the recommended limit
  • Consuming alcohol alone
  • Feeling sick when you don’t drink
  • Being secretive or lying about taking alcohol

Whether you have one or more of these signs, it’s crucial to seek help in our top alcohol rehab center. We’ll provide you with the continuum of care you require to overcome your addiction, beginning with detox.

Can I Quit Cold Turkey?

Depriving yourself of drugs or alcohol when you’re chemically dependent on the substance can cause harmful side effects. Normally, trying to stop using on your own doesn’t work due to a number of reasons. For instance, you’ll have extreme cravings for alcohol or drugs, which will force you to continue with the cycle of addiction. If you’ve made up your mind to overcome your substance use disorder, your best bet is to seek expert help at our California drug and alcohol detox programs.

Why Should I Choose Your Detox Facility?

As one of the premier alcohol rehabs in California, we have dedicated our lives to helping everyone who comes to us get through detox safely. The process of detoxification can be difficult due to the uncomfortable, intense, and even life-threatening withdrawal side effects. That’s why our compassionate and supportive staff offer care 24/7 to ensure your safety and make the process as comfortable as possible. We’ll eliminate the harmful substance from your body and manage the withdrawal symptoms.

How Long Will Detox Take?

Drug combinations, how long you’ve been using drugs, the severity of your addiction, genetics, underlying medical conditions, tolerance, among other factors, will all determine your length of stay in a detox center. As such, we’ll advise accordingly after you go through a comprehensive evaluation. Rest assured, our detox team will provide round-the-clock care to monitor your vitals and keep you comfortable.

Best in Class Detox Program

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we understand the challenges that come with drug detox in California. That’s why we have the resources and team needed to ensure you successfully complete detoxification. Further, we provide a serene environment where you can focus on getting well. Once you’re fully stabilized, you can transition to our drug rehab programs to attain lasting sobriety. Call us or verify your insurance now: https://oceanhillsrecovery.com/about/insurance-information/.

Drug Detox California

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Drug Detox California

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