Depression treatment Houston

Depression treatment Houston

Alternative Depression Treatment in Houston

If you were to visit a typical physician about a bad case of the blues, you might be prescribed Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac or another antidepressant drug. If you prefer to go a more natural route, we hope you will consider Unique Mind Care's drug-free depression treatment in Houston.

There is much research that explains the way an imbalance of vital brain chemicals can lead to all sorts of dystopic and uncomfortable feelings, including depression and anxiety. Past trauma can also 'wire' the brain to always expect the worst. Many doctors now believe that depression treatment in Houston may include non-invasive self-help brain techniques.

Here at Unique Mind Care, we offer a selection of modalities to treat chronic or situational depression. One of our treatment options is called Nexalin. If you have not heard of it before, don't worry. When you come for a consultation, we can explain the details to you.

In a nutshell, Nexalin is an advanced brain stimulation technique that may be utilized to treat a number of psychiatric conditions. Depression, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain and anxiety may all be lessened by way of Nexalin therapy at Unique Mind Care. Physical performance may be improved via this remarkable brain technique, as well.

To receive Nexalin therapy, the patient reclines in a zero-gravity chair in a darkened room and settles in comfortably. Special sensor pads are placed behind each ear and on the forehead. When the Nexalin device is turned on, it sends gentle frequencies into the brain via a triangle pattern. UMC understands how to place the pads for the maximum positive effect on the hypothalamus, the HPA axis and mood centers of the brain. While undergoing Nexalin depression treatment in Houston, you will feel relaxed enough to snooze during your 40-minute session. In fact, most patients at Unique Mind Care do sleep during treatment.

Recommended Nexalin therapy frequency is somewhere around ten to 14 treatments over a period of two to four weeks. Because Nexalin uses the power of the human brain, no drugs are required. Many patients report marvelous results after one session of Nexalin depression treatment in Houston.

When asked how Unique Mind Care patients felt during and after depression treatment in Houston, most reported a boost of mental clarity along with a pleasantly heightened sense of well-being. If you would rather try a non-drug way to feel better instead of popping prescriptions every day of your life, Unique Mind Care anxiety and depression treatment in Houston may be just the thing you've been hoping to find.

Before you begin Nexalin or another depression treatment in Houston at our clinic, we'll create a painless “brain map” of your cerebellum. This provides a baseline against which we can compare your progress as you move through therapy. Unique Mind Care clinic is conveniently located in the Galleria at 1776 Yorktown Suite 550 in Houston, Texas. For driving directions and clinic hours, please call 1.713.660.1100. For additional info about Nexalin, send us an e-mail to


Depression treatment Houston