Alcohol Treatment Centers Orange County

Alcohol Treatment Centers Orange County

Crescent Moon Recovery offers access to the most advanced alcohol treatment centers in Orange County. At our center, we know that defeating alcoholism is a matter of fighting, often a years-long routine. Most victims of alcoholism have been struggling with the problem for years and have probably attempted to quit several times during that period.

At our facility, we believe we have found the best solution to a problem that nobody has really solved so far.

How we approach alcohol addiction

Alcoholism comes as the result of prolonged alcohol abuse. What separates it from drug addiction is the social acceptance factor. People don’t see abusing drugs and abusing alcohol as being in the same ballpark. For that reason, the victim’s family will usually step up sooner when it comes to drug addiction due to the perceived threat coming with the drug-abusing behavior.

Most people, however, see alcohol abuse as one of the perks of social interaction. It’s legal to consume alcohol over a certain age, and it’s even recommended in special occasions. This can quickly lead to a harmful abusing behavior which people will only notice when it’s already advanced.

At our center, we see alcohol addiction as the result of prolonged routine building, and we approach the rehab process similarly. Our alcohol treatment centers in Orange County function on an outpatient basis, assisting people post-inpatient care and helping them adapt to a sober and self-sufficient lifestyle.

We achieve this via programs like:

  • Behavioral therapy – Helping you navigate your emotions and thoughts, deconstruct their patterns, and learn how to control or reshape them. This will give you improved self-control as part of an ongoing maturity process.
  • Group therapy – Meeting individuals fighting similar problems and learning from their experiences. This will help you understand how others have fallen victims to addiction and how they’ve managed their way out of it. Our group therapy sessions are a great way of promoting social bonding and meaningful human interactions.
  • Family therapy – We believe that long-term, your family should become involved in your recovery journey. Their spiritual, moral, and financial support are priceless along the way. We organize family therapy sessions to help people rebuild their broken relationships with their family members. Long-term, this approach is invaluable in promoting sober living and a stable and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Dual diagnosis assistance – Co-occurring mental health problems are often some of the triggers of the addictive behavior. This is about people literally trying to drink their problems away. Our alcohol treatment centers in Orange County offers dual diagnosis treatment on an outpatient basis, helping you identify and address these triggering conditions. It is a core feature of our relapse prevention mechanism, allowing you to control your chronic disorders and live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling lifestyle moving forward.

If you’re interested in our premier alcohol rehab programs, we advise you to contact our rehabilitation team today. Crescent Moon Recovery is available for contact day and night if you wish to discuss our treatment programs, insurance coverage or make an appointment.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Orange County

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Orange County

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