Alcohol Detox Orange County California

Alcohol Detox Orange County California

California has some of the highest addiction rates of any state in America. In fact, an estimated 2.3 million California residents are thought to struggle with alcohol dependence. Thankfully, California also has some of the best addiction recovery rates in America. At California Rehab Campus, we have played a role in quite a few of those recoveries. Our leading addiction specialists have worked tirelessly to provide reliable alcohol detox in Orange County, California and beyond.

But just what can you expect when you attend our clinic? Read on to find out. In this post, we’re going to be tackling some of the top FAQs about California’s alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers.

When Can I Begin Treatment?

When you are battling alcohol abuse, time is of the essence. A single day can be the difference between success and disaster. As one of the top rehab centers in California, we understand this. That’s why we offer immediate care to anybody who requires it. The moment you’re ready to begin treatment, our addiction experts will be there for you. They will guide you through the application process and have you completing the first steps of the recovery process within hours of admission to our clinic.

What Does Your Alcohol Detox Program Look Like?

As one of the foremost California drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehabs, we promise some of the most comprehensive treatment programs in the state. Our alcohol detox course is one of them. The program takes a scientific approach, utilizing evidence-backed techniques to help patients overcome their alcohol dependence. Among these techniques are group therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and guided meditation. We also facilitate the 12-step program for those who wish to pursue it.

Are There Fitness Facilities On-Site?

Alcoholism doesn’t just take a toll on one’s mental health. Excessive drinking can also wreak havoc on your physical health. That’s why our rehabilitation center houses multiple fitness facilities. Residents can get their recommended daily exercise in our on-site gym, which is stocked with some of the finest workout equipment on the market. Running, hiking, and swimming is also possible, so brace yourself for, perhaps, the most enjoyable program for alcohol detox in Orange County, California.

Do You Use Medication?

While we don’t universally medicate our residents, we do suggest medication to some in our alcohol detox program. These medications are always 100% FDA-approved and include the likes of Naltrexone and Acamprosate. When taken under proper medical supervision, these drugs can help streamline a patient’s recovery and minimize the chances of a relapse.

Can I Expect Confidentiality?

Even when assisted by the best alcohol and drug rehab in Orange County, the battle against addiction is deeply personal. Nobody should have to worry about their struggles with alcoholism being made public without their consent. For this reason, we promise total privacy to all of our patients. Whether you have a simple, one-time consultation with our addiction specialists or complete a multi-week stay in our clinic, you can rest easy knowing that all of your information will be kept entirely private.

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California Rehab Campus is one of the preeminent names in California drug rehab and addiction therapy. To find out why, contact us today. Our highly-trained treatment consultants will help you find the program that’s right for you or your loved one before it’s too late.

Alcohol Detox Orange County California

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Alcohol Detox Orange County California

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